Preschool Children and Moms Tour St. Vincent de Paul Food and Clothing Bank in Pasco

By Linda Hermann

SVdP Pasco News, November 16, 2012

The mothers who formed the Pasco Preschool Coop organized a field trip to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank in Pasco to teach their children how to help others.

They had their children collect food, clothing items, and diapers for families that need a helping hand.

The children took pride in carrying in the sacks and quickly filled a box with selected food items they love to eat and would want to share. Then they rolled it down the conveyor belt to be delivered to a family on the next distribution day. They donated enough to make many more food boxes and donated clothing and diapers to be given away to families with young children.

They were especially excited when Aurelio showed them how a pallet jack and fork lift works to move the pallets of food into the distribution area.

They also toured the clothing and household area and saw where the volunteers wash and mend clothes and household goods for giving out to those families needing assistance.

They even got to look inside the huge cooler and freezer and see how cold it has to be to keep foods frozen until time to give to the people.

The very well-mannered young boys thanked us for the tour and said they want to come back again some time.  We hope they will! They are great young citizens!