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History of St. Vincent de Paul - St. Patrick Conference

St. Vincent de Paul – St. Patrick Conference in Pasco, Washington began with a small group of Catholic men that met monthly in the basement of the Rectory at St. Patrick Catholic Church.  They volunteered their time to perform charitable works during the mid-fifties and served 12 to 15 families every week in a variety of ways.

On April 1, 1960, the Articles of Incorporation of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul – St. Patrick Conference of Pasco were filed and recorded in the Office of the Secretary of State of Washington.  And, they were officially recognized by The International Office of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Paris, France after providing evidence that they met requirements to gain membership in the Society.  A Letter of Aggregation was issued to them December 19, 1962.  We are also registered with the State as a Charitable Organization (Registration Number 32001).

Over six decades later St. Vincent de Paul in the St. Patrick’s Conference has evolved to engage volunteers of every age, varied backgrounds and diverse gifts who respond to the changing face of poverty. Most notably, our Conference remains dedicated to several special projects serving those most in need: a vibrant Food Bank provides healthy & nutritious food and produce, interfacing and assisting individuals and families in our Clothing Boutique that requires no fiscal transaction, engaging those most in need in our Homeless Outreach Effort and through Community Services linkages and special assistance.

Membership includes more than 100 volunteers who serve thousands of families during the year.  Officers and Active Members meet twice a month and strive to grow spiritually while supporting volunteers who are serving an average of 1000 struggling families on a weekly basis.

Thanks to supportive donors, a new facility was funded and constructed at 215 S 6th Ave (between 5th and 6th, one block south of W Columbia St) in Pasco in 2014 allowing the organization to meet the ever-growing needs of our community for decades to come.

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