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Volunteer at SVdP

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul-St. Patrick Conference in Franklin County relies on 60 to 70 volunteers each week to provide our wide range of services and programs, maintain administrative costs below 10%, and reach more than 4,416 families in Pasco, Franklin County. 

We welcome you to visit our facility and become part of our mission to serve others in our community.  Listed below are just a few of the many ways to volunteer and become part of our mission.  If interested, please call 509-544-9315 or send an email to

Volunteer projects range from a few hours to on-going projects.  They include:

Food Bank:

  • Filling boxes with nonperishable foods on Wednesdays
  • Sorting canned goods
  • Bread pickup on Monday afternoons
  • Picking up food from Albertsons and Walmart on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays
  • Registering new families
  • Checking in clients on Wednesdays
  • Data entry on computer program
  • Compiling reports
  • Sponsoring a Food Drive or other Fund Raiser
  • Answering phone and filling requests for assistance
  • Occasional delivery of food to disabled until other arrangements can be made

Clothing/Household Room:

  • Sorting clothes
  • Washing/Repairing donated items
  • Bagging baby clothes in various sizes
  • Assisting Clients to find specific items
  • Pick up clothing and household items from garage sales

Community Services:

  • Supervise Benton/Franklin County Juvenile Justice Mandated Community Service Hours
  • Supervise High School Students during their Senior Community Service Project

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