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Advocate on Behalf of St. Vincent de Paul of Pasco

Poverty and problems associated with being poor are impacting families of all income levels regardless of color, race, creed and faith. Many of the people we see and counsel are desperate for support. We are one of the only sources in the community to provide what we believe is important and caring “neighbor-survival help.”

Voice of the Poor

The St. Vincent de Paul Voice of the Poor outreach program encourages people to advocate for the poor. Our advocacy initiatives are based on our understanding of the need for human dignity, respect and the basic obligation of wanting to help others who are less fortunate.

We intend to increase the intensity of our efforts to design and develop service delivery systems that offer dignity, hope, and the possibility of a better future to thousands of our neighbors. Please email to get additional information about how you can get involved.

Advocacy Resources

Government Officials

Key Washington State government officials

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

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