An Open Door to Hope

Stories of Hope

A Brighter Future

Christopher is a young man who is mentally impaired as the result of a car accident. When he showed up at our door, he was essentially alone with no home, no structure in his life, and no way to make a living. As a way to give back to the community, Christopher volunteers at the food bank and it is there where he is given support in finding a place to stay and help with managing his money. It is at St. Vincent's where he finds camaraderie with the other volunteers and a sense of purpose in doing for others. It is there that he bonds with others and begins to feel he belongs to a supportive community. It is there where he begins to break through the limitations imposed by mental illness and his future begins to look brighter


This past summer, we assisted a family living in their car at Hood Park during the day and Wal-Mart at night. Due to the costs incurred fighting a custody battle for their children and the father losing his job as a truck driver, they were destitute and homeless. Mom suffered from clinical depression and the youngest child is disabled. We assisted them with referrals to Catholic Family Services for medical support and Community Action Council for housing options. To make them self-sufficient and restore their dignity, we helped them earn some money for gas and other necessities.

Restored Confidence

Another client, unable to find employment, suffered from depression. He owed back pay on his child support and was sent to jail for 3 months. After his release, he began to help out at the food bank on the food distribution line. The other volunteers at the food bank were impressed with his work ethic and referred him to potential employers. He has now found work, stayed out of jail, and is proud to visit his kids because he has a job. He thanks SVdP Pasco for helping him regain is confidence and pride.


Kindness Counts

Sharon was a young farm wife who loved to bake for her family.  Unfortunately, the oven of her stove quit working.  To have a repairman come out to the farm was too expensive.  They managed to save $50.00 and Sharon went shopping for a working stove with a working oven.  She found one in the St. Vincent de Paul Store in Pasco.  It had not just one but two ovens; heaven on earth for this baker.  It was $65.00 however.

The manager noticed Sharon admiring the stove and said "I notice that you really like that stove.  Do you want to buy it?"

Sharon said:"yes I do want it but I only have $50.00".

The manager smiled at her and said: "well you are in luck that stove is on sale today for $50.00".

40 years later, Sharon still smiles as she relates this experience to a group in the lunch room in Pasco where she volunteers at the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank.

We may never know the effects of an act of kindness but others will.

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